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How to choose sunglasses in summer?

by:Eugenia     2020-07-18
Sunglasses is definitely a fashion icon for sorching summer modelling tool. But what should we choose the right sunglasses? Really need the sun glasses? How important is the color of the lens? How the size of the lenses and frames, and so on, there is also a lot of knowledge. Recommended reading: what are the advantages of often wear polarized sunglasses? 1. Choose the lens how to pick up the lens? Sun glasses suction light, polarized light, coating and photosensitive discoloration. The best lens is polished with optical applications, just like doctors formula of glasses. The plastic lenses, like glass, quality has very big difference. Plastic is lighter, usually not broken, cheap; Can be easily scratched, so be careful when you touch the lens or decontamination. Inspection lenses are a few simple way: in the light of the light observation, the lens should be completely clear, no cross scratches, striped heart loops, bubble and stain. The lens from top to bottom and move around to observe line clear object, such as window frame, door frames, if they are shaken, deformation, then the lens is a distortion. This lens can't use. Check whether the lens color is even, can look for the two pieces of lens color is different, and position of the two lenses are gradually becomes shallow depth is the same. 2. Lens color sunglasses price is not on behalf of the optical quality is good or bad, because the most expensive may only be novel design, you may be costly fashionable frames, rather than the lens of optical quality. What color is the best? 'Smoke' is natural pure and gray color is best. The color of the lens is the most difficult to manufacture, so inferior glasses will not use this color. The second is green. Blue and red lens only used on some industrial applications. The special lenses and yellow. So the lens color depends on purpose. How deep of color should be? Deepest under strong light with appropriate color, if used in light and shade of the road to drive, it is very dangerous, many people buy the glasses in the brightly lit shop was very appropriate, to the beach or outside is too shallow. Is the best way to take glasses to look for the sun on the street, under the bright light was only thirty percent through the two light is advisable.
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