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How to choose swimming goggles for myopia? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-08
Choosing to swim in summer is undoubtedly a good way to cool off, but it is more difficult for myopic people. If you take off your glasses and go into the water, you can't see anything clearly, you can't perform swimming postures, and you can easily get infected when you wear contact lenses. Just choose a pair of swimming goggles that are not suitable for you. Not only can it not protect your eyes, but it may also cause damage to your eyes. A good pair of swimming goggles is not just about preventing water leakage. Choosing a pair of swimming goggles that suits you requires consideration from many aspects. If you want to choose the myopia goggles that suit you, you have to understand the degree settings of the goggles. The lower degree of myopia swimming goggles is 150 degrees, and then a jump of 50 degrees, that is, 150 degrees, 200 degrees, 250 degrees and so on. 1. When both eyes have the same degree, they can be purchased directly. There are many brands of swimming goggles on the market, and all manufacturers of swimming goggles produce integrated swimming goggles. So when your eyes have similar degrees, you can choose your favorite brand to buy. The price of goggles with similar degrees of eyes is relatively cheap. 2. If the degree of the two eyes is different, choose the finished goggles and choose the lower degree to choose the goggles. It is more complicated to choose the goggles. If you choose the finished myopia goggles, you should choose the lower degree of the two kinds of goggles. And because of the underwater refraction problem, the choice is to subtract 100-50 degrees under the condition of lower degrees to purchase. 3. The degrees of the two eyes are not the same. Personally customize myopia goggles. Personally customize myopia goggles suitable for you. This kind of swimming goggles will make lenses according to the basic vision of myopia patients, and can even solve the problem of mild astigmatism. But this kind of custom goggles will be more expensive, and the general small brand glasses do not have this ability, you can only choose some well-known brands of goggles. How to choose the goggles that suit you? The choice of goggles must be purchased according to your own eyesight; after purchase, you should also pay attention to the maintenance of the goggles during use. Otherwise, if they are suitable for you, poor maintenance may damage your eyes.
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