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How to choose swimming goggles, which swimming goggles are good?_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-31
When we swim in the water with swimming glasses, we feel more comfortable in our eyes. Swimming can be done not only in summer, but also in winter. Compared with other sports, swimming can reduce the irritation of the salt in sweat to the skin. Regular swimming can effectively promote the blood circulation of the human body, and can also build a good body shape. If you are in a sealed environment like a swimming pool, wearing swimming goggles can protect your eyes well. When choosing swimming goggles, pay attention to the brands of common swimming goggles such as Speedo, OJO, TABATA, ARENA, etc. Speedo goggles are more expensive and mostly used by professional athletes. Phelps has won many Olympic champions in a fast swim FSII swimsuit. OJO swimming goggles are designed for swimming enthusiasts. The design of the style draws on the aesthetic structure of sunglasses to make the fit and comfort better. After selecting the brand, you also need to choose different colors of swimming goggles according to the color of the swimsuit, such as blue, black, and brown. When choosing swimming goggles, pay attention to the sealing ring of swimming goggles. The sealing ring of swimming goggles is extremely important. If the sealing is not good, it is easy to enter water. If the sealing is too tight, the head will be uncomfortable. The sealing ring of a good swimming goggles can be tightly fitted around the eyes, giving the eyes a good seal, solving the leakage problem, and having enough cushioning effect to prevent the eyes from being pressured by the goggles to pain. When choosing swimming goggles, pay attention to the fact that functional glasses are prone to fogging, because the air tends to condense into water on the inner wall of the goggles, so pay attention to the hydrophilicity of the material of the goggles, or buy anti-fogging agents for the goggles. Swimming goggles with good hydrophilicity have the function of absorbing water vapor to form a water film, so that water vapor cannot adhere to the lens to form mist. If you are swimming at the beach, you need to pay attention to whether there is UV protection when choosing swimming goggles. If you have myopia in your eyes, you need to refraction when you choose, and use myopia goggles with a degree.
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