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How to choose the best sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-26
Everyone knows that sunglasses make you easier to see in the sunny days, whether on the road or on the surface of the water. However, the American academy of ophthalmology, 美国眼科学会) Said, wear suitable sunglasses can also be a good defense ultraviolet ( UV) Eye damage, resulting in short term and long term. Recommended reading: outdoor classic sunglasses brand are these when buying sunglasses to protect his eyes from the sun is the most important factors to consider: 1. One hundred percent. When buying sunglasses to protect his eyes, one of the most important thing is the sticker or label, shows that they can block 100% uv. However, according to the college in 2014 national sun safety survey, less than half of those who buy sunglasses, unable to check whether the lens can protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays. 2. The lens is bigger, the better. The greater the coverage of the sunglasses, sun damage to the eyes. Considering buying large glasses or surround type glasses, which helps to reduce into the eyes of ultraviolet (uv) light from the side. 3. The darker lens can better protect. Although very dark lenses may look cool, but they can not block more ultraviolet light. 4. Colour does not matter. Part of the sunglasses with amber, green or gray lenses. They don't stop more sunshine, but can increase the contrast, this exercise like baseball or golf athletes can be useful. Polarized lens cut glare, rather than ultraviolet light. 5. Polarization can reduce the reflection from water or pavement surface scattering of glare. This can't provide more protection, but can make driving or on the water activity is safer or more enjoyable. 6. Cost should not be a factor. Sunglasses don't need to spend a lot of money to work. Marked as 100% uv blocking cheaper to can be as effective as more expensive option.
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