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How to choose the children the sun glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-21
Many tide mama charmingly like their children to dress up a summer to give children with children's sunglasses, actually the children sunglasses available in the market generally in the majority of the poor quality, give the child wearing the sunglasses eyes prone to fatigue. That how to choose the children the sun glasses? The small make up to you to introduce the principle of choosing sunglasses for children. 1. For choosing sunglasses color, must not choose color too deep, light through a bad lenses. The color of the lenses we better choose is yellow, the second is grey, then it's light brown. 2. When choosing sunglasses parents must check, whether the lens with a degree in. 3. Glasses selection must be lightweight, small bridge of the nose to the child not a burden. 4. Glasses frame must choose a class of smooth, strong, because the child lively good move, to prevent glasses hurt the children as well. In addition, although the sunglasses can protect eyes against the sun, but for children under the age of 6, et in the sun, a child under 6 years of age is not recommended for a long time to wear sunglasses, so to children or hurt.
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