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How to choose the color of myopia sunglasses? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-10
As long as we need it, sunglasses are now glasses that can be equipped with power. Such glasses are definitely the gospel of myopia. In summer, you can see clearly and protect your eyes. However, when fitting glasses, many people start to struggle and don't know what color lenses are suitable. Here is how to choose them. 1. The golden lens has a good effect on filtering ultraviolet rays. If you wear it outdoors for a long time, then it is definitely more suitable. Because it can filter 100% of ultraviolet rays, it can also filter most of the blue light in the sun, and the effect of anti-vertigo is also Very good. Such golden lenses are clearer to see, and they are also very trendy styles in recent years. Second, the gray lens has high definition. Compared with other colored lenses, gray sunglasses can filter out all colors of light and protect our eyes. The more important point is to wear such glasses, which can ensure that the color of the original scene will not change, and the shading effect is better, especially in the strong light state, which is more suitable for wearing. Friends who often work outdoors and encounter strong light are more suitable to choose such sunglasses. Third, the application range of brown lenses is relatively wide. If we want to wear them indoors and outdoors, we recommend that you can directly choose brown sunglasses. In fact, many myopic lenses themselves have a certain anti-ultraviolet effect, so they are more suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Wearing, and the color is soft, practicality is also good. Of course, if you want to have some cool effects, you can also choose some beautiful sunglasses colors according to your own preferences, but the sunglasses lenses that can be equipped with myopia are still limited, so we should definitely make a comparison in many aspects. It is more secure to choose according to your own needs. Moreover, such myopia must be equipped through formal channels to ensure that our eyes are protected.
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