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How to choose the degree of myopia goggles? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-07
Swimming is a sport that everyone particularly likes, especially when the weather is very hot, swimming is a very comfortable activity. But for those with myopia, choosing swimming goggles is not that simple. Because there is a factor of refraction in the water, the choice of myopia power is slightly different from the power of the frame glasses we wear in peacetime. Let's take a look at how to choose the power of myopia goggles. If you don’t know your degree, or if you feel that your current degree does not seem to be suitable, go for optometry if it is better. Of course, you must choose a proper place for optometry. Optometry is good for a professional optical shop like this. The myopia degree of myopic people is also different, so when choosing the degree of myopia goggles, you need to choose according to different situations. Generally, the degree of myopia goggles is as low as 150 degrees, and the degree of floating in the water is about 50 degrees-100 degrees, so if the degree is less than 150 degrees, you can choose flat goggles. If it's just myopia, and nothing else, the power of the goggles should be lower than that of the glasses. This is because in the water, the light in the water has a refraction effect, and the distance between the swimming goggles and the eyes is closer than that of frame glasses. Therefore, the degree of choosing swimming goggles should be lower. Generally, choose the degree of 50~ which is lower than the usual degree. About 100 degrees, if the degree of the frame you are wearing is less than 150 degrees, you usually choose flat goggles. For example, the degree of myopia is 275 degrees, it can be equipped with about 200 degrees, if the vision requirements are too high, it can also be reduced by 25 degrees. For people with myopia and astigmatism, how to choose the degree of myopic swimming goggles? There is a calculation rule here, which is to divide the degree of astigmatism by two and add the degree of myopia, which is the degree of myopia plus one-half of the degree of astigmatism. The obtained degree is correspondingly minus 50-100 degrees, this degree is the degree of your choice of swimming goggles. For example, the degree of myopia is 500 degrees, and the degree of astigmatism is 100 degrees, then the degree calculated according to the law is 550 degrees. After subtracting 50 to 100 degrees, the degree of the selected swimming goggles is 450 or 500 degrees. If the degree of the two eyes is different, that is, the myopia of the two eyes is different, the degree of each eye needs to be selected according to the method mentioned above.
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