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How to choose the healthy eye sunglasses? Color also has exquisite shape

by:Eugenia     2020-08-11
Hot day, sun is dazzling, sunglasses almost is the essential standard of tide people outdoors. All is not over. To see so many cool glasses, a lot of people haven't stand in the sun, has been 'blind'. Sunglasses factory ms YC9702 sunglasses C3 black/lens dazzle colour blue expert reminds, when choosing sunglasses, the part of beautiful, don't patronize the cool dazzle bright color looks nice but if eye not to force, this kind of sunglasses is definitely not a good choice. How to choose the lens, modelling, how to observe sunglasses without exception? The vision is normal or myopia have to choose what kind of sunglasses without pay attention to? Ophthalmologists to interpret for you. Phenomenon: the sun mirror decoration beautiful cute sun was cool, a growing number of people have to go out with sunglasses, in addition to put a lot of young parents, also love for their children to buy all sorts of modelling is lovely little sunglasses. Cool color, unique shape, a variety of sunglasses worn on all kinds of faces, can really play the role of decorations, or more personality, or even more lovely. But in the eye doctor's opinion, whether it is stylish, beautiful or Eva, that is just sunglasses with the function. 'In fact, a good pair of sunglasses, it should be the function of the value is most strong ultraviolet ray. 'The first affiliated hospital of guangzhou university of TCM ophthalmology professor Huang Zhongwei warn that when the eyes meet glare and uv without shelter, light can' enter 'the pupil, so as to cause harm to the eyes. Therefore, when choosing sunglasses, do not only consider the style, but does not pay attention to the lens is good keep out ultraviolet ray function. 'Wearing sunglasses is not good-looking young man's patent. The old man, in fact, there are eye diseases in outdoor activities, especially in the sun is also need a pair of appropriate sunglasses. Huang Zhongwei points out, 'the old man with cataracts, dry eye syndrome and various fundus diseases such as fundus macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, the eye disease most have different degrees of photophobia symptoms, so, the sun also had better wear sunglasses, on the one hand, will help improve the symptoms of photophobia, another aspect also can protect retinal cells, such as cataracts, fundus macular degeneration age-related eye disease may play a protective role. Sunglasses factory ms YC9703 sunglasses black/C3 dazzle colour blue remind: don't just look cool appearance, color also has exquisite modelling as long as it is qualified lenses, in general, the darker the lenses in the case of the more sunshine eye effect is better. Because the color too shallow lens filter effect is small, but the color is too deep, can affect vision. Modelling is chosen and also cannot too casually, can cover half face big radian sunglasses is cool but it is not necessarily more eye. This article from the guangzhou daily, slightly modified, such as the need to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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