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How to choose the 'match' sunglasses with yourself

by:Eugenia     2020-08-10
In this age of individuality feiyang, sunglasses has become a measure an important basis of personal fashion or not. Faced with thousands of styles of sunglasses, how to pick out a pair with its & # 8220; Match the & # 8221; The sunglasses?

1, sunglasses and face, hair & # 8220; Match the & # 8221;

  ( 1) Round face: round face not suitable for wearing round or corner of the sunglasses. The circular frame will emphasize chubby face type, the aesthetic feeling of lack of phase contrast. Therefore, should choose to face slightly wider than they are and frame up the butterfly type frame, make the face look angular. To avoid round, light or childish frames.
  ( 2) Heart-shaped face: this kind of surface usually have wide forehead and chin, sun glasses is too big or too thick line will make the facial contour appears more spacious, and small in comparison to the more pointed jaw line, so should avoid wearing up the cock picture frame on both sides, because it will emphasize the pointed chin. Heart-shaped face appropriate to wear light and polygon sunglasses, frame width is not more than the temples, and face contour match line to each other.
  ( 3) Square face, square face give a person the sense with hale and hearty, should avoid wearing a box shaped sunglasses. And the great circle frame sunglasses can make the outline appears relatively smooth. Square face round sunglasses to wear four corners into downy curve, rim to coarse, can behave hao lang lines, narrow edge and delicate sunglasses, when combined with a square face, can appear very small and disproportionate. If in addition to the sunglasses, square face with high bun hairstyles, slender look and feel, and if the hair under the cover face and cheek, can make the square jaw line and appear more narrow on the vision.
  ( 4) Elliptical face: elliptical face is suitable for wearing frame wide sunglasses, make facial looks, reducing the length of the face of broad sense. Edge metal frame or frameless sunglasses, all should not be worn.
  ( 5) Apricot type face: suitable to choose lens color shallow, thin metal frame or frameless sunglasses, may face the weight of the above, lest make the upper half of the already wide face more outspread feeling.

2, sunglasses and colour the & # 8220; Match the & # 8221; :

  ( 1) Color of skin white people choose range is very wide, dark and light color sunglasses are basically take gives very good effect.
  ( 2) Color of skin dark people good choose dark sunglasses, black, gray, for example, it will let skin appear brighter.

3, sunglasses and nose & # 8220; Match the & # 8221; :

  ( 1) Nose is bigger, should choose larger frame to balance, the small picture frame can make the nose is more outstanding.
  ( 2) Long nose: a wide side of the picture frame can make the scattered attention forward or upward, and do not pay attention to the nose, the length is not obvious. Double beam frame also can make the nose appear shorter.
  ( 3) The nose smaller: to compared with other parts of the face a smaller nose, light and high nose bridge can make the nose look longer.

4, sunglasses to the eyes & # 8220; Match the & # 8221;

in different position of eyes in the mirror will give a different impression.
in general, the eye position deviation, appear to play around, listless; Lower feel funny. Will split in two laterally glasses, the eye in the & # 8220; Dividing the & # 8221; Slightly to the location is preferred. The adjustment of the eye position through glasses nose pad and glasses legs.
5, sunglasses and eyebrows the & # 8220; Match the & # 8221;

eyebrows for the influence of face image, eyebrows and sunglasses frame on at qi, slightly higher than the framework for a noble ideal.
on curved eyebrows, brow natural framework for gathering with sunglasses, but his brow must with framework. Never choose framework is also become warped on the sunglasses, otherwise it produces the & # 8220; Skip the & # 8221; Add the & # 8220; Skip the & # 8221; Funny feeling, must choose the frame flat sunglasses at this time. All in all, between the eyebrows and glasses frame do not leave the & # 8220; Blank & # 8221; , irrelevant, or feel very natural.
bushy eyebrows, should choose fine frame or frameless sunglasses, or it will weaken the impression of eyebrows. On the other hand, the coarse frame sunglasses is suitable for light and thin eyebrows.
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