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How to choose the myopia sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-09-02
Sorching summer came immediately, like travel classmates will certainly buy a sunglasses to block the sun dazzling sunshine, summer sunglasses was out all the necessary sunshade weapons, but for the eye myopia, want both visual clarity and shade, is really a trouble. It was born myopia glasses, designed for eye myopia people. But many students may for how to choose the myopia sunglasses not so familiar with, today small make up teach you how to choose the myopia glasses. To the correct selection and wear myopia glasses is to have cultured, in order to make the image clear, myopia glasses lens will have certain diopter. But in general, normal sunglasses are flat, won't cause harm to the eyes. Myopia sunglasses is combine the two, there will be a degree of glasses by a special process for dyeing. Sunglasses factory 9803 myopia glasses, therefore, choose sunglasses preference is the lens, the resin lens is preferred. Followed by color, so light filter effect is not big, can affect vision and too deep. Recommend choose gray, tan myopia glasses, try to look have vertigo, high degree of dialysis is not high. If you belong to low myopia, wear the sunglasses generally does not affect vision, can choose the color yellow, yellow lenses can strengthen the sensitivity of the visual cell. If you have difficulty with what color is the suitable choice, can try to look in the mirror after wearing sunglasses, if you can see his pupil lens, color is relatively appropriate. In addition, if the drive is a good choose the polarized lenses, polarized lens can keep out light dazzling light is more suitable for driving. The people often drive for lens quality requirements higher, to put up a more light and clear, if there is a headache, dizziness, vertigo, dry eyes or long wait for a symptom, not to take off immediately.
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