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How to choose the outdoor travel sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-05
Traveling sunglasses is also an important one of the equipment. Sunglasses when choice is to have cultured, the price of sunglasses from a few yuan to several hundred yuan or even thousands of yuan prices vary, regardless of the brand, whether between each grade of sunglasses on the quality of the difference between how much? Recommended reading: sunglasses exposure happened after five hours. 。 。 。 。 。 First of all, we should speak of from the purpose of the sunglasses. Someone asked to this. Sunglasses is not prevent the sun? Indeed, this is just one of the main one of the important purposes of sunglasses. Actually finely points to sunglasses can be roughly summed up the three main purposes. A class of application is for the use of the summer. Mainly in order to put the sunshine ultraviolet (uv) and some glare dazzling. The second purpose is to use in winter. Especially in the snow, the main is to prevent snow blindness. The third type of application is used to drive or ride. Next we classification about three kinds of usage, emphasis on the choice of difference. The first purpose is mainly used in summer. Compare strong outside, the sun at this time of sunglasses should focus on light weight, good air permeability, medium size. At this time for picture frame material no special requirements, the plastic metal materials, and for the lens had better choose the polarized lens, also known as polarizer, this lens is very effective when dealing with glare. The second purpose is to use in winter, when the lens is mainly dealing with ultraviolet light reflection from the snow, snow blindness. Snow reflect ultraviolet light and the sun was shining uv difference. Snow are diffuse reflection, so the light without direction. So choose glasses should try to choose a big lens, at this time the best lenses with side shields skin, eyes as far as possible fully coated. And winter is not suitable for choosing metal frame glasses, because when the temperature was so low, the metal is likely to be frozen bad skin, off the skin with a layer of skin. The third type of use is to drive or ride, this time is to pay special attention to three points, the first is the glasses should not be too big, breathable well. Then there is the lens must be polarized lens, prevent the automobile headlight glare, or from construction on metal, glass, etc. Strong reflection. The third is the lens color must be as light as possible, pervious to light effect is better. Can't interfere with the line of sight. Sunglasses selection should also pay attention to the following several aspects. First of all is normal manufacturer must choose the big brand in the eyes. Eyes are very fragile and need special protection. Small manufacturer of lens quality closes nevertheless, probably with uneven degree or refraction, is easy to cause the loss of vision. Have again. Must choose the sports brand sunglasses. The material of the lens to resin material. Hard to avoid knock against fall in the movement, if the lens material don't pass, so it is easy to fall in lens rupture after damage to the eyes. Eye movement into account when designing impact factor, so the lens have special reinforcement processing. Outdoor eyes first see is a brand, the second is the function, the last is style. Protect eyes let's play more happy. 吗? 吗?
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