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How to choose the right children sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-07
Now parents of friends like to wear some fashion items, such as sunglasses is one of the children. It is important to note that the sun glasses for children and children's eyes cut cross-correlation, inferior sunglasses will damage children's eyes in various perspectives, so parents friends when selecting children sunglasses, must be from a variety of factors to consider. In this article is mainly for parents friends on 'how to choose the suitable sunglasses for children'. 1 children sunglasses don't too heavy. When choosing sunglasses to the child, the size of the lens and frame should be suitable for the child's face, don't be too heavy or too wide, otherwise easy to fall, also easy to cause the bridge of the nose and ears. In addition, the frame material had better choose a soft, light, elastic material. 2. Select normal optical shop to buy children's sunglasses. Good children sunglasses at the same time of rays, reduce glare, can improve the contrast sensitivity of the eye, is beneficial to alleviate eye fatigue, but if the glasses uneven dyeing or uneven thickness, will see not clear, affect vision. So want to normal optician for vehicles according to the situation of children eye of the sun glasses, or select children's sunglasses with UV identification proof. Seiko KK0014C GL commercial pure titanium frame small yards children myopia glasses 3 blue. Children's sunglasses lenses don't choose candy color. When the child of choose and buy sunglasses, careful choosing sunglasses color, try to choose gray, dark brown, green and yellow lenses, because small grey and dark brown color distortion caused by sunglasses, color feeling much better, can filter ultraviolet harmful substances. Should avoid to choose candy color lenses in particular, this kind of sunglasses not only won't block uv rays and other harmful substances, can absorb harmful substances, counterproductive. And choosing annotations have sunglasses polarizing filter membrane, comfort will be better. 4. Children's sunglasses frames to smooth and firm. For children's sunglasses, due to the nature of the child move and poor self-control, the possibility of unexpected circumstances will be bigger, made of rough edges may cut the child's skin, and movement of the frame fracture may cause sudden plunge into danger, etc. Try to choose the safety of frames, such as plates, plastic material, the minimal frames made of metal. 5 children choose light transmission than large sunglasses. According to the needs of children's visual development and the use of the children's sunglasses, the light transmission ratio Suggestions for children choose not less than 30% of the sunglasses, when light transmission ratio is below 30% May not be able to guarantee effectively the macular area. 6. Don't choose toys children sunglasses. A lot of booth and scenic spots have many lovely children sunglasses, many mothers will choose this kind of cheap sunglasses for children concave shape. But this is not a regular sunglasses for children, and only toy sunglasses, unable to block ultraviolet light. Can accentuate instead of this kind of sunglasses not only can't protect your eyes, the eyes adjust burden, affecting the normal development of children of visual function, visual fatigue, myopia and amblyopia. 7, cautious children sunglasses with a degree. Children's sunglasses when the parents must check, whether the lens with a degree in.
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