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How to choose the right sunglasses according to your face shape? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-13
Different face shapes, style and size should definitely be considered when buying sunglasses. There are many styles of sunglasses, and the brand glasses are directly supplied by the brand, so the price should be more favorable. But after all, we have different face shapes. When buying sunglasses, we should definitely make a comprehensive comparison. So how do we choose sunglasses according to our face shape? The oval face is almost a versatile face, no matter what type of sunglasses you want to choose, there is no problem, and a very beautiful matching effect can be guaranteed. And there will be a detailed introduction. After all, the face shape is the same, but our face size is still different, so we must pay special attention to the size of the frame, so that it is easier to match. When choosing sunglasses for long faces and long faces, you must consider that the size is slightly larger, and the lenses can be selected as oval as possible, and to ensure that the style of the face is widened. Try not to choose a design with sharp corners below the lens, which may appear to be too sharp on your face, and the effect is definitely not good enough. For long faces, do not choose square frames as much as possible, as it will look too angular. The round face round face chooses the frame as far as possible to have some corners, so as to ensure a better modification effect. And many friends with round faces have very small faces, so some small-frame glasses are more suitable for you. Such sunglasses can also guarantee the effect of matching. Although large-frame sunglasses are very popular in recent years, they are definitely not suitable for friends with small faces. Such sunglasses will directly cover your facial features. Friends with a square face and a Chinese character face are not easy to choose suitable sunglasses, so I recommend that you choose some aviator sunglasses, which are actually what we usually call toad glasses, which can soften the corners of our face and make us look soft. A lot. But also pay attention to the size of the lens, so that the effect of coordination is better.
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