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How to choose the sport sun glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-23
There are all kinds of sunglasses, according to the lens, with polarized light, color, and color and so on; Points, according to the style have elliptical, square, and frog mirror, etc. Still have a kind of sports sunglasses, small make up today to tell you what sports sunglasses. Sunglasses factory mountain ski mirror silver eye protector glasses sports glasses, first of all, let's look at some of the world famous sports sunglasses. Oakley is one of the famous sports glasses brand, this brand products in glasses the subversion of the concept, is that it fuses glasses comfortable, practical, artistic, make function and fashion fusion, high brand awareness. Leading brand is the movement of the sun glasses in China's wild glasses, it was founded in 1999, are the pioneers of domestic sports glasses and pioneer, is the Chinese cycling team, triathlon teams designated special glasses, tour DE qinghai lake international road cycling race designated special glasses. Small make up then to tell you how to choose sports sunglasses. The first thing to see is the UV index, the choose and buy when ordinary sunglasses which is also vital, when motion is more need to pay attention to this. Good sunglasses, block at least 99% 95% ofUVA ofUVB light and light; Second is to look at the color, gray lens can effectively reduce the intensity of light and does not affect the color contrast, blue light brown can enhance contrast and blocked, so the month bright day better wear brown, copper can mediate the color of the sky and the grass at the same time, suitable for play golf wear, blue and green can strengthen the contrast, yellow suit to play tennis. New sunglasses factory ultralight male money super comfortable basketball football myopic lens sheet SP0856 black glasses style and shape of sports sunglasses may choose to not too much, but also according to face to oh, so at the time of sports wear up will be more comfortable and harmonious.
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