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How to choose the sunglasses that are more suitable for you? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-13
In the cool summer, in addition to hats and sunscreens, a pair of sunglasses that suit them is essential in the bags of trendy women. A good pair of sunglasses can change the overall feeling. However, how to choose the most suitable and trendy sunglasses is confusing to many girls. Below I will recommend a few, girls can choose according to their own situation. 1. Prince glasses These glasses are round, and most of the outer shells have a circle, like a concentric circle. This kind of glasses is a new type recently, if the girl who pursues the trend of avant-garde can choose. This kind of prince glasses is especially suitable for girls with small face and melon face. In addition, there are many treasures for everyone to choose from. The author recommends choosing the reflective one, and the trend is also very eye-catching when walking on the street. 2. Black square sunglasses Black square sunglasses are more common. But this kind of sunglasses is divided into frosted texture, plastic smooth texture, and even leather, but it is relatively rare. The first two words don't seem to have much difference, but the frosted ones appear to be more classy. And this kind of sunglasses, most girls can choose, trendy and not out of date, the author recommends frosted ones. 3. There are many styles of round fashion sunglasses. Although the lens frames are all round, the frames are varied. There are many styles, like all kinds of different glasses frames, girls who want to try different styles may wish to try this. 4. Sunglasses of various colors. Many trend-seeking girls have asked me if I can buy black sunglasses and choose other ones? The author wants to say that this is possible, but just like we match pants and shoes, black ones are more common. , but it is a good match. If you want to choose another color, the author has no objection, but don't choose green, purple, or khaki. You can choose low-key brown, burgundy and other retro colors. Finally, sunglasses are not trendy, but the difference in girls' taste for fashion. I believe that you are full of fashion sense, you can definitely choose a good sunglasses that are more fashionable and more suitable for you.
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