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How to choose the sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-20
A good sunglasses but not sunken modelling artifacts, also is its ability to protect his eyes from the sun damage. So it's really important to choose a suitable sunglasses. Choose to suit your sunglasses not only should consider the material of glasses, consider the factors of the shape of the eye, color, finish reading this article you will know how to choose sunglasses! 1 sunglasses quality. UV Protection, eye excessive exposure to ultraviolet light may lead to cataracts, burns, and even cancer. Choose a high number of UV protection sunglasses, is very important. Good sunglasses, block at least 99% of UVB rays and 95% of UVA rays. If there are no label on glasses tell you how much is this pair of glasses UV protection, not to buy it. 2. Color by the color of the sunglasses filtering, eyes see the color contrast is different. If you choose the color of the lens, is not can not, but it must be to tell when driving to the traffic lights. 3. The lens material with NXT polyurethane ( NXT聚氨酯) Made of lenses, impact resistance, flexibility, qualitative light, there is a lot of optical clarity, but very expensive. Polycarbonate ( Polycarbonate) Easy to scratch, smaller than the NXT polyurethane optical clarity, but cheaper. Acrylic acid ( Acrylic) Also cheaper, but it is not durable, transparent. Sunglass shape 1. Pilot the typical brand, Ray - On both sides of the ban, round shape, external down significantly. Suitable for almost all face. Ray-ban sunglasses RB3449 men silver/lens dazzle colour blue 004/552. Oval, pay attention to the difference between it and Pilot. Shape is round, but not on both sides of the external and down into the shape of a teardrop. Suitable for the oval face, square face. 3. Butterfly become warped on two horns, assumes the shape of Butterfly wings. Suitable for the oval face and heart-shaped face. 4. The Cat eye pay attention to the difference between it and Butterfly. Cat eye rounder, middle and more narrow, two horns more become warped. Suitable for the oval face, heart-shaped face, square face. 5. Square, Square, suitable for the oval face, a round face. 6. The difference between a Rectangle and Oval, Oval, round, this comparison. Rectangle, suitable for the oval face, square face, a round face. 7. Round the Round, suitable for the oval face, a heart-shaped face, square face. Ray-ban sunglasses RB3532 men 8 001/68 of gold. 半 Rimless partial square, half part no frames, suitable for square face, heart-shaped face. General sports glasses with this style. 9. Shields a wide range of central connections. Suitable for the oval face, a round face. 10. Wayfarer at the top of the line, and long. Is is very popular in the United States when the fifties and sixties sunglasses brand, belongs to retro fit now. Suitable for the oval face, a round face.
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