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How to choose to suit oneself face sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-31
Takeaway: as a kind of all the year round use fashion accessories, sunglasses worn effect is closely associated with each person's face. But the sunglasses with face matching has exquisite, what face shape match what kind of sunglasses? Man: oval face: each kind of modelling of the picture frame is very suitable for, good choices but slightly larger than the facial lines of horizontal frame. Heart-shaped face similar inverted triangular face, can choose the flight home, oval or round first picture frame. A square face or angular face: good choice round or oval frame. Round face: good choice thick box or boxes, frames of edges and corners. Long face: if a longer face or face a narrow, can choose to have sharp edges or the geometry of the frame. Ms: round face: can choose relatively rough edge or large exaggerated frames. Oval: can choose young body or circular frame. Long face: can choose these young or up the Angle frame. Square or angular face: if the face Angle to use slightly larger than the face of frame or round glasses. In addition, the nose is also related to wear sunglasses. Sunglasses small make up recommend big bridge of the nose with big picture frame in order to obtain balance; Small nose is natural need relatively small picture frames; Light color, high beam of the mirror can make the nose feel longer; Nose is too long, you can choose the double beam mirror such short nose is
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