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How to clean glasses_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-21
Only by cleaning the glasses regularly and keeping the lenses clean can the performance of the lenses remain unchanged. However, incorrect clear glasses can cause scratches on the lens, reduce the life of the glasses, and even easily absorb dust and grease in the air. In severe cases, it will cause vision loss, deepening of myopia or the formation of myopia. So today, let's take a look at the methods for cleaning glasses. Anyone who wears glasses should know that due to the accumulation of time, after a pair of glasses is worn for a long time, the lens will have a lot of dust, fingerprints, grease, etc., and the space between the frame and the lens, and between the temple and the frame will be full. A lot of dust will affect the original performance of the lens and cause the lens to become blurred. Therefore, in daily life, you can choose one of several methods to clean the glasses and maintain the hygiene and performance of the lenses. 1. Spray cleaning to a regular glasses store, buy a spray cleaner for glasses, which can quickly remove slight stains and fingerprints, and also help prevent facial oil or other substances from accumulating on the glasses when wearing it, which is safe And easy to use. 2. Compared with spray cleaning, the special cloth for glasses is more efficient, convenient and safer. You can use it anytime and anywhere. Besides, ordinary professional glasses wipes are made with a unique professional formula, which can quickly clean grease, stains, dust, etc. on the lenses. At the same time, the special cloth for glasses also has the effect of disinfection and sterilization, and prevents a series of germs such as bacteria from appearing on the lens. 3. Glasses cleaning machine Generally, the glasses cleaning machine uses the principle of ultrasonic, adding appropriate water to the machine, putting in the glasses, and adding the glasses. Each part of the glasses can be fully cleared, and the original lens can also be removed. Some bacteria, fungi and sediments are removed, which is comprehensive, effective and efficient. 4. Rinse with clean water This is a simple way to clean the lens, but it can only clean the fingerprints and dust on the lens, and cannot completely clear the oil and stains on the lens. Therefore, it is generally better not to use clean water for the dirty glasses. rinse.
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