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How to clean the contact lens case for the first time? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-13
As long as you are buying contact lenses, you must be equipped with a suitable contact lens case, which can also facilitate the daily storage of contact lenses. And now, basically every time we give us some contact lens cases, you can also choose the gifts yourself when you buy contact lenses. But if it is the first time to use a contact lens case, even if it looks very hygienic, we still have to pay special attention to the basic cleaning work. So how do we clean it? 1. Should the contact lens case be cleaned? It is estimated that many people think that contact lens cases are very clean. Some of them are branded glasses cases that we purchased separately. How could they be dirty? But in fact, you can't see the bacteria in it, so you must clean it before use. Introduction The contact lens case will have more than 500 bacterial colonies in one week of use. If it is used for three months, it will basically exceed 100,000. The impact on our eyes can be imagined. 2. How to clean the contact lens case? In fact, the cleaning of the contact lens case is still very simple. You only need to soak it in boiling water for about 10 minutes to ensure a good cleaning effect. And pay special attention if there are clips, etc., they all need to be cleaned at the same time, so as to ensure a good cleaning effect. Hot water must be used, otherwise it will be difficult to kill the bacteria in it. It is also recommended that everyone can use the care solution to clean, so that the effect of cleaning again will be better. 3. Can the contact lens case be used all the time? It is true that the contact lens case may not be damaged after a few years of use, but you can't always keep replacing it. Therefore, it is recommended that you replace it every three months, and disinfect the contact lens case again every week. If more than three months, there are too many bacteria on the contact lens case, and you may have problems such as trachoma and conjunctivitis, so we should definitely pay special attention to thoroughly clean the contact lens case.
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