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How to convert the degree of astigmatism contact lens? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-26
It is true that wearing contact lenses is still very comfortable and convenient, especially when going out every day and attending parties, it is indeed more beautiful to wear contact lenses, especially beautiful contact lenses are also the first choice for many people. In fact, astigmatism contact lenses can be directly purchased through now, even astigmatism can also guarantee the effect of glasses. But how is the degree of astigmatism contact lenses converted? How to convert the degree of myopia? Most astigmatism friends have myopia problems, so if we want to use suitable contact lenses, we must pay special attention to the conversion of degrees. If the degree of myopia is within 400 degrees, in fact, there is no need to convert the degree, and the degree of contact lenses can be selected directly according to the degree of the frame. And if it is 400-500 degrees, then you need to reduce 25 degrees when choosing contact lenses. 500-700 degrees need to be reduced by 50 degrees. The formula of myopia degree of contact lenses is given as Fou003dFs/(1-dFs), which can be directly converted according to the degree of myopia of glasses, frame and corneal distance, and then you can know the degree of your contact lenses. If you don't know how to calculate, you can also choose contact lenses directly based on the closer degrees. How to convert astigmatism contact lenses? If your own astigmatism is within 100, you can actually convert it at 1/2 of the astigmatism, so that subsequent use is also guaranteed. In fact, for example, the degree of myopia is -4.50 degrees, and the astigmatism is -0.75, then the degree after conversion is -4.50. If there is no suitable degree after conversion, we can also choose a degree that is lower and closer, so that the subsequent wearing effect is also guaranteed. Of course, if we want to know how to replace the contact lenses, we can also come to consult and directly inform the other party of our specific degree, or the other party's staff can help us to do the conversion. In this way, we can communicate directly with the customer service staff of the other party, and the follow-up glasses are more guaranteed.
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