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How to cooperate with the make-up his rimless glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-23
A lot of beautiful people don't want to wear glasses, always feel that will affect their image, actually otherwise, wearing the right glasses, suitable collocation of colour makeup, believe that will make you glow. Small make up today to talk about how to cooperate with us when the make-up his rimless glasses. Pure titanium sunglasses factory FB6018C6 purple female money because his rimless glasses eyeglasses itself to reveal a kind of elegant feeling, as long as tie-in appropriate, whether colour makeup and clothing color, or style, can coordinate the fusion! On the eyebrow color of it, try to choose close to the color of the frame, there is harmony! From the eyebrow, top with the frame of the coordination, the feeling of roughly parallel rendering slightly can! Don't will make eyes contraction of brunet eye shadow range is too big, with simple light color eye shadow highlight eyes bright feeling is preferred. With his rimless glasses blue green eye shadow is a good choice, can highlight sven and pure and fresh style. Lipstick should with fresh light pink mist lipstick modify the lips. At the same time face the glyph, the moon and prominent chin as well as the high bridge of the nose, lip color can be deep; Melon seeds, slender shape and narrow the wide shape, lip color should be light.
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