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How to correctly wear suitable sunglasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-07-22
The consciousness of the people are now about to go out to wear sunglasses to protect his eyes has been gradually enhanced, whether summer or winter, many people go out basically will prepare a pair of sunglasses, but how to correctly wear suitable sunglasses a lot of people are still confused, are basically choose look pleasing to the eye and beautiful, as to what all regardless of function, material, today small make up teach you a few choose to suit his sunglasses tips. Sunglasses factory YC9702 C7 green box red leg/ms sunglasses lens dazzle colour yellow 1, to choose sunglasses according to their own purposes. Such as you like in driving, travel, such as fishing light use is more complex. Then you choose the polarized sunglasses. This kind of sunglasses lens is special, can filter the air harmful rays and glare. But polarizer lens color is more deep, no shading mirror on fashion. If you are shopping at ordinary times, tie-in dress, foil face wear, just choose shading mirror. Shade without the function of anti glare lens, but the same can prevent ultraviolet ray, and the lens fashion. 2, choose sunglasses according to their own face. Sunglasses in addition to shade, another role is foil face, add fashion sense, if the sunglasses styles are not suitable for their own face, can only give you the image of the points. The following 'seat to face'! Round: suitable for frame is a bit thick, lens color slants cold, dark glasses, a 'tightening' face visual effect. Bright yellow, red lens or frame line is fine soft sunglasses, foil will face more big. Little face: suitable for thin frame or frameless glasses, choose quietly elegant of lens color such as blue, purple, light coffee color, will have unexpected effect. A long face: should choose circular or curved surface, slightly thick mirror to feet long slender. A slender face are bony, choose some feminine pink or red wine glasses, can increase the brightness of the face. Square face, appropriate chooses width is narrower, frame corners sleek sunglasses, too big and too square frame will only make the face appear more square, lens is better to sedate brown color. Peach face: suitable to choose lens color shallow, a thin metal frame or rimless glasses, to face the weight of the above, lest make the upper half of the already wide face more outspread feeling. Del: should be chosen with thicker frame, lateral width slightly darker, wide glasses to adjust the proportion of up and down, give a person the sense of coordination on the vision. Ray-ban RB4242 unisex eyeglass frame 6201/13 brown 3, choose sunglasses according to skin color. The color of the sun glasses is very exquisite, different color lenses tend to have different use, details visible 'sunglasses with the lens the protective effect of introduction, you can choose according to their own needs. But grey and dark brown sunglasses for uv resist the effect is good. 4, according to the material choosing sunglasses. Shades of material includes two parts, the material of the material of frame and lenses. Frame material sunglasses frame of general of the following material: plastic, metal. Famous plastic inside is plank and TR90, plate made from cotton and wood, the stand or fall of plate depends on its color and cotton content. TR90 high elastic memory, excellent toughness. Metal of titanium alloys, aluminum and magnesium alloys and other alloys. Lens material on the market at present common lens material has two kinds of glass and resin, glass lenses due to faults, such as fragile, heavy is eliminated. Resin lens is not easy to broken, light weight, and high light transmittance, use more. See the above introduction you can't also worry about to choose suits own sunglasses? As long as you are familiar with the above matching rules, can choose favorite sunglasses very much!
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