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How to disinfect contact lens cases? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-13
For friends who like to wear contact lenses, the disinfection and care of contact lenses is important, and the method of wearing contact lenses is also very important, but in the same way, the disinfection of contact lens cases is equally important. We all know that if all aspects of contact lens disinfection and care are not carried out properly, it will easily cause eye infections. Let's take a look at how to disinfect contact lens cases. At home, you can use hot water to scald and soak in boiling water for disinfection. Generally, it is more useful for eliminating bacteria. You can put the contact lens case in a relatively large container, and pour the boiling water into it for sterilization. The contact lens case needs to be completely immersed in order to achieve general disinfection. If it is a newly bought contact lens case, it also needs to be disinfected with boiled water. Generally, it needs to soak for about five minutes. Otherwise, if the time is too short, the sterilization effect is not good. Contact lens cases are generally disinfected once a week. A new contact lens case must be replaced every two to three months. If you don’t disinfect or replace the contact lens case, some bacteria will accumulate in the contact lens case. If the contact lens is placed in a contact lens case with a lot of bacteria, the lens is also easy to breed bacteria and cause eye infections. Some People will have red eyes, eye allergies, itchy eyes, inflammation and other reactions. Therefore, it can be said that how to care for contact lens cases is directly related to the health of the eyes. If you do not use hot water, the contact lens case can also be disinfected by other methods. Use professional care solution for cleaning and disinfection. After washing, place it in a ventilated place to dry.
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