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How to distinguish polarized sunglasses? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-15
There are many friends who need to wear polarized sunglasses, especially for daily driving. You must always have a polarized lens, otherwise there may be danger in some special environments. There are a lot of sunglasses in China, and it is very simple if you want to buy a suitable product. But there are many sunglasses on the market that are not polarized lenses, so how do we distinguish them? How to determine whether sunglasses have polarizing properties? 1. Mobile phone detection method We can directly take out the mobile phone and use glasses to verify it in a certain direction, because when the polarizer is facing the mobile phone screen, it will flicker, but ordinary sunglasses will not. Because a part of the light will be filtered out by the polarizer, but part of it will not. It is recommended that you can also place the sunglasses horizontally in front of the phone screen, and then rotate the lens 45 degrees. At this time, you will see the color change, and then turn it back, the color will change back, which is also a feature of the polarizer. Second, the detection card detection. Many polarizers will wear a detection card. You can directly use the glasses to see some of the anti-counterfeiting logos, or some other content, which is also very convenient for us to verify. There are also a lot of polarizers in China. We can buy them directly according to our own needs. Through the verification method on the Internet, we can let us know what type of sunglasses have polarizing performance, so that they can be worn more securely. In fact, there are many differences between polarizers and sunglasses, so we must do a good job of testing, so that it will be easy to buy the required polarizers. Because many people need polarizers, especially in some special environments, you should definitely determine which one is a regular polarizer, so that you can naturally ensure a good wearing effect. If you don’t want to bother to make comparisons, you can also purchase them. All polarizers on such a platform are directly introduced accordingly, so it will be easier to purchase polarizers.
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