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How to distinguish the authenticity of Vision Contact lenses? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-19
Among high-end contact lenses, the first recommendation is to choose high-quality brand contact lenses such as Shikang. The quality is quite good, and technically, Shikang is still very high-end. If we really want to choose the contact lenses of the Shikang brand, we should definitely determine their authenticity. After all, the price of Shikang contact lenses is slightly higher, and the influence is good, so there are more fakes on the market, so how do we identify the authenticity? First, the comparison of packaging The packaging of Shikang's genuine contact lenses is quite delicate. After all, it is a very influential brand in imported contact lenses, so it must not be particularly vague on the packaging. And we should pay special attention to the contact lenses purchased through regular channels. For example, all the contact lenses we buy through will have sealed packaging, and they are directly sealed, so we should definitely determine the basic packaging. situation. Second, determine the anti-counterfeiting signs Big brands like Shikang have corresponding anti-counterfeiting signs, so we should definitely pay attention to the confirmation of anti-counterfeiting signs, so that we can know the specific authenticity of the situation. It is recommended that after you get the new product, you must pay special attention to the authenticity. You can directly scrape the orientation layer, so that we can see the corresponding anti-counterfeiting code, and then directly query through the network, or dial 400. It is possible to check its authenticity. Third, pay attention to the price situation. Normally, even if the offer of Shikang contact lenses will have a certain discount, it is impossible for the discount to be very large. If it is already lower than the market price, we should Consider whether it is genuine or not. It is also possible to purchase directly through such formal channels, so that at least we can get genuine products, and the contact lens quotations on large platforms are still very cost-effective, and it can also save us a certain amount of costs.
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