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How to distinguish the sunglasses and polarizer?

by:Eugenia     2020-07-23
Nowadays, sunglasses has gradually turned into a travel essential fashion sheet is tasted. For ladies fashion sunglasses for their beautiful ornament, man with sunglasses improve their temperament. We also gradually find, when we talk about the sunglasses, the polariscope the emergence of the term is becoming more and more frequent, so, just what are the different sunglasses and polarizer? Recommended reading: first of all, we really don't think that sunglasses can take the place of cycling glasses will divide the clear relationship of the two, in terms of classification of sunglasses including the polarizer, polarizer is one of the sunglasses, the polariscope also can be called polarized sunglasses. Specifically, polarizer is along with the people's growing demand a special designed by sunglasses. So where is the difference? We usually mouth sunglasses, as long as no special points out, are only keep out light, blocking ultraviolet (uv) these two basic functions of the sunglasses. Such sunglasses function is unitary, the technical content is lower, lower cost, of course, now many businessmen use ordinary sunglasses as polarized sunglasses to sell, entrap a lot of consumers. Polarized sunglasses with the biggest difference between ordinary sunglasses, is that the sunglasses's handling of the reflected light. Environment we live in, there is a direct light and reflected light and diffuse light, three kinds of light, including diffuse light we do not perceive at ordinary times, but it is our eyes can see the object of one of the most important light; And direct light because it has a fixed light source ( Like the sun) , as long as pay attention, it would not cause any harm to our life. While the reflected light because of its sudden and will bring inconvenience to our common life, such as drivers, in front of the mirror is a reflection of an uncertain light source, the side of the road surface or passers-by carrying smooth flat object can be a reflection of the light source, the reflected light is likely to trouble or even danger to the driver's driving. In this case, the polarized sunglasses arises at the historic moment, it reflected glare, to filter out, so you can have the effect of preventing vertigo, and travel in the summer also can make the vision more clear, reduce the visual fatigue. So although sunglasses and polarizer is keep out the light glasses products, the difference between the two is not small, so small make up recommend, if just go out for a walk, you can choose a pair of low prices, ordinary sunglasses. But if your life will often drive or likes outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, choose a pair of polarized sunglasses will make you more relaxed and comfortable.
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