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How to distinguish true and false of ray-ban sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-13
There is no OEM factory (ray-ban sunglasses at home Except sports version of the plastic box) So the real way is to trading ( Has two kinds of domestic and overseas) 。 Price under 800 ray-ban you think true and false, more than 800, to identify true and false, it is not difficult, please note the following:
1. Look at work. Types and specifications are printed on the metal legs, not to be on foot. Nose on a RB the fine carving, handwriting XiuTing.
2。 Domestic trading sellers, there should be a brand licensing documents, basic no overseas channels.
3。 Show proof of import goods customs declaration payment ( Overseas direct hand goods without this file) 。
4。 Below the bridge of the nose carved with words, specifications and RAYBAN rather than above the bridge of the nose.
6。 Box: one fine workmanship, the domestic is plain, black, abroad for litchi grain, have black and brown, there are red;
7。 Fabric texture soft, for superfine fiber material, rectangular, gray ( At present have not seen other color version) , nylon material such as yellow, cream-colored, is imitation goods.
8。 Domestic channels should have tags and specifications and outer cartons ( Overseas channels may only box and cloth) 。
9。 Origin: ray-ban since 1988, has been Italy's glasses bought by Andrea.
so, now all ray-ban made in Italy, the United States, not false. ( The so-called American version, is the meaning of regional sales in the United States, the origin is Italy.
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