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How to distinguish true from false tyrannosaurus sunglasses? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-12
With the advent of summer, we almost always go out with sunglasses and umbrellas, so that we can provide good sun protection. And many friends will choose Tyrannosaurus glasses through, I have to say that the quality of Tyrannosaurus sunglasses is really quite good, and many of them are classic models, so they are also very suitable for daily collocation. However, there are still many fake Tyrannosaurus sunglasses on the market, so how do you distinguish between authenticity and fake? First, look directly at the anti-counterfeiting label. As long as we want to buy Tyrannosaurus sunglasses, we must pay special attention to the label. Every genuine product is anti-counterfeit, so we only need to check the authenticity through anti-counterfeiting. And we must pay special attention to the anti-counterfeiting number on the temples. We can directly check the authenticity through the official website of Tyrannosaurus. It is also recommended that if you are not buying glasses from a specialty store, you must pay special attention to the official website for identification. You can also dial 400, so you can confirm whether it is genuine or not. Second, determine whether there is a tag. Each Tyrannosaurus glasses will have its own tag, especially the brand-new glasses must have a tag, so we should definitely make a basic confirmation. If we buy genuine products, there will be hang tags, and there will be relevant information about the glasses on the hang tags. If we want to buy suitable glasses, we must clarify the brand's hang tags and query information. You can also buy through to buy, so you can directly buy authentic sunglasses. Third, the comparison of the logo. In fact, the Tyrannosaurus logo is still very distinctive. We can also directly see that the small incisions on the temples of the glasses are relatively fine, which also allows us to see the basic logo. And everyone must pay special attention to the details. There are also laser marks with some logos on the corners of the lenses, so that we can see the specific situation, and also allow us to judge whether the glasses are genuine.
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