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How to do high myopia? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-27
The average degree of high myopia is about 700-1200, it will cause our eyesight to degenerate rapidly, retinal detachment and the appearance of the eyes show a state of exophthalmos. If you don't get good care and treatment, you may lose your eyesight. Let's take a look at what to do with high myopia. There are many ways to treat myopia, but when the eye is highly nearsighted, what method is used? Excimer lasers and implanted lenses are currently widely used. <1>. Excimer laser treatment of high myopia surgery: laser treatment of high myopia is actually similar to the principle of wearing myopia glasses, all of which are to improve vision by changing the focal length of the cornea. However, laser treatment of high myopia is to directly move the knife on the cornea, breaking the molecular chain of the corneal structure, making the cornea thinner and reducing the refractive power, thereby correcting the vision of the eye. <2>. Lens implantation to treat high myopia surgery: The so-called implanted lens is the replacement of a transparent CLE lens on the cornea to correct the refractive power of the intraocular cornea. This method does not change the shape of the cornea, nor does it flatten the surface of the cornea. Therefore, implanted lenses are also widely used in the surgical treatment of cataracts to remove opaque foreign bodies in the eye, so that the patients' vision can be corrected and protected. Although laser treatment of high myopia surgery and lens implantation treatment of high myopia surgery, from their own nature and effect, both have a certain degree of safety and excellence. But surgery is surgery after all, and there are certain risks. Besides, these two kinds of surgery are performed on the cornea, so the tissue structure of the cornea has been destroyed. After a long time, the eyes will have certain eye diseases and various complications. In conclusion: For high myopia, it is better to wear myopia glasses, and it will not cause serious damage to the eyes. It is the best and most reasonable way to treat myopia and control the development of myopia.
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