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How to exercise eye vision? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-11
Among the organs in our body, the eyes are one of the more important organs, which have the ability to let us see things clearly and feel the colorful world. Therefore, protecting the health of the eyes and protecting the vision of the eyes are our more important responsibilities. So in real life, how do we protect our eyes? How can we exercise our eyesight so that we can keep the eyesight from pathological changes. Let's take a look together below. Many examples in real life tell us that the main cause of decreased vision and the formation of myopia is the habit of using eyes. Therefore, to avoid myopia and vision loss, scientific eye use and good eye use habits are necessary. For example: 1. When using a computer, mobile phone or watching TV, the time is better not to exceed 2 hours, and every 30 minutes, you must rest your eyes for 5 to 10 minutes to relieve eye pressure. After that, standing by the window and looking at a distance 10 meters away, working hard to see the reference objects in the distance, can exercise the muscles of the eyes and improve the vision of the eyes. 2. Participate in some outdoor activities and let your eyes relax in the natural light. At the same time, when indoors, in addition to keeping the light source sufficient, when the light source cannot reach a certain luminosity, you must try to see clearly. Don't stay in a fuzzy or dark state all the time, as this can improve the stress resistance of the eyes. 3. There is another way to exercise your eyesight, stare, turn, chase, and excite: relax your body, keep your eyes on something far away, don’t blink, keep it for more than 10 minutes. Then turn your eyes up to the extreme and turn them 9 times clockwise, and then 9 times counterclockwise. Then, on the basis of the above, staring at the mosquitoes and birds without blinking, tracking its flight trajectory, and practicing for a long time. Later, I dropped a small and light object at the same height as the eye, let it swing, and lightly hit the eye area, while I was not afraid to stare at its trajectory, and hit my eye without blinking. Among the methods introduced above, the third is to exercise the eyesight more effective method. But in addition to the normal exercise of eye vision, you must remember to use your eyes well in your life to protect your eyesight, prevent myopia, and improve your eyesight.
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