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How to get rid of the nerd glasses image

by:Eugenia     2020-07-20
A girl of myopia wear glasses see stars are so fashion, put up but always give a person dull reading 'sister' feeling, is this why? Our image and how to get rid of the nerd glasses? Now let's look at frame glasses beautiful girls! Lin Yun glasses the sense that gives a person is very gentle and quiet, but beautiful facial contour also draw eyes! Shu qi is a square face, but the collocation stylish eyeglass frames is also a great beauty! Yang mi metallic glasses are also very beautiful, coarse straight camber and delicate eye makeup makes her look very intellectual. Rarely seen Angelababy wear glasses, but her little pointed face with big oval frame very delicate! Sun li big red lip is tie-in, round frames very restore ancient ways, there's a nifty beauty! I don't know do you find these stars have in common:; Different face choice of frame is different, different collocation choose picture frame is different, and it's important, makeup is very decent! Wear glasses can cover half a face, but still want to appropriate point up, let you look and the vigor. As for the face and the collocation of glasses, small make up that absolutely can not be ignored, here small make up simple adjusted to match the principle, the collocation of specific skills is the framework of glasses how to match with the face, skin color, '. Different face for the glass frame is not the same: 1 lozenge face or nabla face for frog mirror; 2 long face for a little party lenses; 3 oval actually what lenses are suitable, especially for the pick of the lens; 4 round for the diamond folk prescription lenses; 5 square face for frog mirror or inverted trapezoidal lenses. If you want to let oneself face appear smaller, can learn from shu qi, choose wide picture frame, can make the face gently beautiful small ~ the above skills you have learned it, try to choose glasses!
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