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how to get the right fishing hook

by:Eugenia     2020-07-16
If you are a beginner in the fishing world, you may not know how to pick the right hook.
Using the wrong hook can result in not catching the right type of fish or losing a fish at the end of your line.
There are many factors in choosing the right hook, including the size and type of the line.
Description difficulty: it is moderately easy to consider the type of fish found in lakes or water bodies, and use the size of the fish as a guide for selecting fish hooks.
If you catch big fish a lot-
20 inch or more-
You will want a harder hook in a larger size.
For smaller fish, a smaller hook can be used.
Find a hook that works with your bait.
The hook needs enough space to accommodate the fish and bait once captured.
If you are using live bait, it is better to use a longer hook, because once the hook is on the bait, there is enough space to hook the fish.
With smaller bait or artificial bait, you can use a shorter hook.
Factors of fish line size.
Heavier lines require heavier, stronger hooks because the weight of the lines can cause the hook to bend or even break.
When using a heavier hook with a line weight, the line weight may help attach the hook to the fish until you roll it in.
Be sure if you are having dinner or fishing, it usually depends on where you are fishing.
The Carle hook is more sturdy and may kill the fish before you take it to the ship, but the round hook is less harmful.
These hooks are attached near the chin but do not cause any major problems to the fish.
Choose the right hook based on your own experience and trial and error.
The only way to really see what works in your environment is to use different hooks until you find a valid one.
The two fishermen fishing on the same lake have different experiences, and they may choose different hooks.
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