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How to give glasses to children? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-17
The child’s business is the parent’s business. If the child is short-sighted, the parent will be more worried. How to equip children with glasses? Not only to wear comfortable, good vision correction, but also to wear beautifully. The quality of children's glasses is also considered by parents. Parents should pay attention to the details of some glasses. Let’s learn about it together. Let’s take a look at how to equip children with glasses. First of all, you need to distinguish between true and false myopia. The discrimination between true and false myopia requires mydriasis and optometry. Parents can take their children to the hospital for an eye examination and optometry to see if it is true myopia. Pseudo-myopia During this period, the eyeball has no organic changes, proper rest and scientific use of the eye, continuous correction and treatment, if it goes on for a long time, pseudo-myopia can be relieved and normal vision can be restored. If it is true myopia, you need to give your child optometry glasses. Wearing glasses is not only to correct eyesight, but also to read and write within a scientific distance. Correct use of the eyes, there is a normal coordination relationship between the adjustment of the eyes and the convergence function, which can avoid eye fatigue. Secondly, the choice of frames and lenses. (1) When choosing an optical shop, you must choose a regular optical shop, so that glasses are reliable. (2) If you have glasses, you need to choose the frame according to the child's face and the distance between the pupils. In this way, it is not only comfortable to wear but also very beautiful. When choosing frame glasses, you can basically choose full-frame frames for those over 10 years old. For the lens, resin lens is suitable, which is light in texture, not easy to break, and has good imaging. If the lens is suitable for the child, you need to choose the child with a progressive lens, which is very convenient to see far and near, and it can also correct the child's poor sitting posture. (3) Whether it is the choice of frames or lenses, be sure to choose the ones that are suitable for the child. Don't think that the expensive ones are good. Only the ones that are really suitable for children are good. Finally, for children aged 3-6, whether the child’s eyesight is good or not, if necessary, go to the hospital for relevant eye examinations. If you have worn glasses, you should check your eyesight properly. You can go to the hospital to check your eyesight or you can go to the optician to check your eyesight. You can have a clear understanding of your child's vision, which can better protect your eyesight. In addition, if the child is relatively young, it is not suitable to wear contact lenses. And the choice of frames should not blindly pursue fashion. Don't think that expensive ones are suitable for children. If you want to go to an optical shop, this optical shop is formal and the service is very good. And there are many lenses and frames suitable for children. There are many styles of children's glasses, which is a great choice for many children's glasses. The price is also very favorable, and the quality is guaranteed. Parents can rest assured.
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