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How to identify pasha sunglasses true or false?

by:Eugenia     2020-09-01
Pasha sunglasses both mature, sexy style, and advocated by the Oriental contracted, reserved, classic lasting appeal, and so widely popular with consumers. Markets, however, the above glasses good and evil people mixed up, some will not hair molecular shoddy, selling fake glasses, small make up teach you identify true and false from the following several aspects. Fan bingbing endorsement pasha glasses, glasses comfort pasha glasses design more accord with human body engineering, uniformly pressure, especially in Asian face structure, even if long wear also won't feel tired. And those fake products, although it is modeled on real manufacture, but fine degrees vary a lot, when wear will have a feeling of oppression, in the long run is the idea of having to pick, and nose often crushed out a trace, generic technology did not pass. Second, the internal details in authentic sunglasses leg to the inside of the lens, we can clearly see one line of text, and text below and a seemingly stereo sense is very strong, text feels has concave and convex feeling, but also not easy to fall off. And the text within the replicas mirror legs of the friction are easy to fall off, same background looks on the surface of the peace, almost can't see what stereo feeling. Third, the design of the frame on the design of the frame can be seen that the quality of the products. Real frame details is fine, generally adopts double metal button perfect link, it is not easy to loose, strengthen safety of wear. And conjunction are more relaxed. Many false pasha sunglasses outside of the frame is made of non-ferrous metal plating, actually the material of inside there is no guarantee, wearing a long can appear fade, frame fall off wait for a phenomenon. Four, packaging difference real pasha sunglasses has relatively complete packaging. Generally includes original glasses boxes, car glasses, original lens cloth bags, glasses cloth and mini screwdriver. Glasses cloth and cloth bags have pasha logo logo, looks like packaging quality is good. But many replicas of the packaging is not very comprehensive, generally without a screwdriver, and the quality of the fabric is rough, the details of the mirror box and thread ends. If we encounter such packaging or want to consider whether to buy. Five, the anti-counterfeiting query in glasses above we can see there is a goods tags, positive is a spokesman for photos and some information. Is the anti-counterfeiting tags on the back with the query telephone, anti-counterfeiting coating, qr code, product code and website information. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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