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How to identify the polarizer

by:Eugenia     2020-09-01
Glare presence will make the human eye discomfort and fatigue and impact vision clear, polarizer is sunglasses can effectively filter out the glare. Now uv irradiation glasses are usually divided into sunglasses ( Sunglasses) And polarizer, sunglasses to keep out sunshine is what we are familiar and ultraviolet (uv) light colored glasses. Available in our daily life, except the sunlight and ultraviolet light through a bumpy road, the place such as the water will produce irregular diffuse light, commonly known as 'glare'. At the beginning of the wear a polarizer and not wearing the effect of contrast, To wear on the left) A lot of methods identify polarizer, is one of relatively simple: two polarizing lenses stacked vertically, the lens will not pervious to light. Reason is the polarizer lens special design of parallel light through the lens, when the two lenses stacked vertically, most of the light is blocked. Everybody when buy, as long as such a simple operation, can immediately know the authenticity of a product and the good or bad. And usually have to distinguish the identification plate polarizer, naked eye look not black stripes, but bring polarisers looks will be able to see you naked eye don't see the black stripes, sunglasses.
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