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How to identify the sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-13
Glasses sunglasses factory found online now there are a lot of fake SAN bao sunglasses, in order to the rights and interests of consumers, but also to the legitimate interests of our glasses sunglasses factory remind you: must look for when buying SAN bao sunglasses anti-fake mark.
after you buy our glasses, please KaiDiao anti-counterfeiting coating on the card, and at a fixed telephone dialing telephone number for inquiries: 8008699855 or 95105602 check code to identify the product authenticity. Each of the anti-counterfeiting code can inquire only once more. If a wering telephone voice tips: the code has been query * time, a certain time points were first anticipation heavy query. The product is suspected counterfeit products. If you have any questions, please call complaint telephone: 0592 - 6213436. The company to remind consumers to legitimate business store or store the choose and buy, to safeguard their own rights and interests of consumer. Note:

( Figure 1) In the red box to protect the polarized sunglasses
tags of anti-counterfeiting coating ( Figure 2) In the red box to protect the polarized sunglasses tags after scraping anti-counterfeiting coating shows coding
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