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How to judge whether a child has amblyopia? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-12
Generally speaking, amblyopia is more difficult to detect, and it is easier for parents with a lot of children’s eyesight to be overlooked. When some children show some eye abnormalities, parents should pay attention to them, and some are likely to be weak. , It is better to go to the hospital for related eye examinations. Let's take a look at how to judge whether a child is amblyopia. Parents can use the visual acuity chart examination method, which is suitable for children over 4 years of age. During the examination, one eye is covered. The purpose of this is to understand whether it is monocular amblyopia. Hang the eye chart in a well-lit place at home, and let the child identify it at a distance of 5 meters. After several identifications, if the visual acuity is lower than 0.8, it is better to take the child to the hospital for a diagnosis. Use the covering method to check, cover one eye, let the child observe things, if the performance is good, then cover the other eye to observe things, when the performance is not good, then it shows the vision of this eye No, it needs to be checked. Observe the child's abnormalities. For example, when a child is doing homework, because the child with amblyopia will have loss of stereo vision, the child's writing will be uneven and overlap. Children with amblyopia will have very poor eyesight, so it can be judged from the child's usual abnormalities. For example, children will get very close when watching TV, and they will be very slow when reading books. The recognition of the shape of things will also be reduced a lot, and the sense of distance of the objects is always inaccurate. When walking, he will show a deep foot and a shallow foot, and he is also prone to falling. There may be abnormalities in the eyes, for example, some may have amblyopia. When the eyes are moving, there will be abnormal beating, causing poor eyesight. Some children will have drooping eyelids, black eyeballs with white spots, different sizes of eyes, different sizes or shapes of pupils, and so on.
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