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How to judge whether a child is true myopia or pseudomyopia? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-17
In fact, although many children have myopia in elementary school, some of them are pseudo-myopia. If they can be treated well, they don't need to wear glasses. Many parents are afraid that their children can't see the blackboard clearly, so they wear glasses right away. This is actually incorrect. It is necessary to determine whether it is true myopia. But how to judge whether a child is true myopia or pseudomyopia? What is the difference between the two? One, the introduction of the difference is also the loss of vision, and the performance is really not easy to judge. But general pseudomyopia is functional, and it is more likely to occur in adolescents. This kind of myopia may be in a few weeks, or it may be a loss of vision within a month or two, but as long as you rest properly, you should be able to recover. For true myopia, glasses must be worn. Otherwise, you will not be able to see clearly, and you need to go to the hospital for examination. If you still have myopia after using the ciliary paralysis agent, it is true myopia. It only needs to pass a normal examination to determine whether it is true myopia. Second, what factors lead to pseudo-myopia The reasons for pseudo-myopia are unscientific use of eyes, long-term lack of nutrition in glasses, or some light and color stimulation. There are many children who read novels and mobile phones for a long time and become myopia after a period of time. At this time, they are likely to be pseudo-myopia. At this time, parents should not wear glasses directly, and need to go to the hospital for examination, so that the child can recover and avoid the formation of hard-to-recover myopia. 3. How to prevent false myopia from becoming true myopia. If you want to prevent from becoming true myopia, it is recommended that parents keep their children in good eye-learning habits, especially for children who have just entered elementary school, and must control and play with computers and mobile phones. time. There are signs of pseudomyopia, we must pay special attention to control the children's daily eye use, and also need to eat more vitamins, which can effectively supplement the nutrition, and it is also very helpful for the recovery of the eyes.
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