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How to judge whether a pair of glasses is qualified? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-18
There are more people with myopia, and everyday office workers have to face the computer, so those who are not nearsighted will also choose anti-blue glasses. And if it is equipped with glasses, you must pay special attention to whether it is qualified and whether it can ensure the comfort of wearing it. So how to judge whether the glasses are really qualified? First of all, look at the quality of the lens. Even if we don't understand the optical design, everyone should still be able to understand the basic quality of the lens. It needs to be considered in terms of its surface, light transmittance, anti-fouling ability, and refractive index. High-quality lenses are absolutely wireless on the surface, without any blemishes, and there is no possibility of stains. In addition, the light transmittance must be contrasted, and it must be ensured that there is no deformation, and the visual effect is good, and the brightness must not be different. All brand lenses of the company have undergone various inspections to ensure that they are genuine lenses, and they are also guaranteed to provide us with qualified products. And there will be corresponding parameters on the packaging, and whether it meets the national standards, etc., so that people can feel relieved to buy such products. Secondly, the frame depends on the material and craftsmanship. At present, the glasses frames are mainly made of metal and plastic, and the material grades are different. However, the quality of the regular brand frames basically meets the national requirements and can be worn for a long time. And a good frame must be handled properly in every detail, especially the position of the nose pads and pile heads must be determined, the electroplated surface must be guaranteed to be free of any defects, and also pay attention to whether some logos are presented with burrs. Wait. Later, considering wearing comfort, there are now many channels for eyewear, especially online eyewear has also been recognized by many friends. After all, there is no middleman, and the price has been reduced a lot. However, the quality of the glasses and whether they are really qualified products must be determined for wearing comfort. If you feel dizzy and nauseous after wearing it for a while, it is basically caused by problems with the optics power and interpupillary distance. And if the frame feels too tight, or the position of the nose pad is uncomfortable, you can also adjust it by the merchant. Don't force the frame by yourself.
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