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How to maintain resin lenses?_lens knowledge

by:Eugenia     2022-02-05
Any kind of lens needs maintenance. If the maintenance is good, it will take longer to use. However, in real life, it is found that a large part of the reasons why many lenses need to be replaced are scratches, scratches, etc., so the resin The cleaning and maintenance of the lens is more important. Let's take a look at how to maintain the resin lens. When you are not wearing them, you must pay attention to the prevention of resin glasses. Pay special attention to the fact that the convex surface of the lens is not in contact with hard or sharp objects to avoid being scratched. Do not place it casually at ordinary times, especially if it is not in contact with corrosive or organic solvents, etc., it is best to put it in the glasses case, which is safer. Need to avoid high temperature environment, but also need to pay attention to the damage of oily smoke and other substances. The coating film of the lens will crack under high temperature, causing fine lines on the surface of the lens, and contamination by other harmful substances, which will damage the optical performance of the resin lens. Therefore, if you wear resin glasses, it is best not to go to places with a lot of oily smoke and not to take a bath with lenses. When the spectacle lens is dirty, don't just use other to wipe it. It is best to use a spectacle cloth to avoid small scars during the wiping process. It is best to rinse the lenses with tap water before wiping them. You can also use neutral soap or a special detergent to clean them. After rinsing with water, wipe them with a special lens cloth. To clean the crevices between the frames, you can use a soft old toothbrush to gently scrub to remove dirt. The general cleaning of the resin lens is to rinse with tap water. Hold the edge of the frame with one hand or place it on the crossbeam. Use the thumb and index finger of the other hand to moisten alkaline soap or detergent, and stick to the lens. Rub the two sides gently, and then rinse with water. When cleaning, the strength should be controlled. If the strength is too strong, the lens may be scratched. After washing, wipe it dry with glasses cloth. Remember not to use hot water to rinse. In addition, if it is due to sand and dust, you must rinse before rubbing, otherwise it will easily wear the lens, and you must choose soft items to wipe the lens.
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