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How to maintain sunglasses? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-17
I believe that many fashionable people definitely have more than one pair of glasses, and many people's glasses are changed one after another. Sometimes it is not that the glasses are broken, but you think they are old. In fact, glasses, like your skin, need your daily care and maintenance. If you are impatient and accurate in maintaining them, they will age and become old day by day. Today, we will tell you how to maintain your glasses in daily life, so that your glasses will not get old. Frame maintenance Metal frames should avoid contact with sweat. Of course, if they come into contact with sweat, beauty products, or chemicals, they should be wiped and cleaned with clean water at room temperature in time. Lens maintenance fingerprints and dirt on the lens should be wiped with a dust-proof electrostatic cloth bag; if there are fine sand and dust on the lens, it is recommended to use clean water at room temperature to clean it, and then wipe it with a dust-proof electrostatic cloth bag; if it is stained Dirt difficult to wipe, you can use professional lens cleaner, but it is not recommended to use Mandarin frequently. Maintenance of coated lenses The maintenance of coated lenses is the same as ordinary lens maintenance, but it is worth noting that the coated lenses should not be used with any cleaning agents containing organic solutions or chemical components, and avoid exposure to high temperatures. The maintenance of the light-sensitive lens The light-sensitive lens should avoid eye contact with high temperature. For example, after wearing the glasses and washing in the sauna, wait until the color of the lens returns to transparent and colorless before returning it to the mirror box. Maintenance is very simple. Hand wash with water at room temperature. It is not recommended to put it in a washing machine or wash it with any organic solution, otherwise the material characteristics of the lens cloth will be damaged. For the maintenance of the temples and nose pads, whether it is rubber or metal temples, avoid contact with acidic substances, otherwise corrosion is likely to occur; after contact with acidic substances, use clean water to wake up and wipe and clean the liquid to avoid corrosion.
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