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How to make a bi lattice ascension myopia glasses man

by:Eugenia     2020-08-07
Now a lot of men in order to fashion cool, will wear myopia sunglasses, travel drive, but we found that there are a lot of myopia sunglasses male temperament was the same as ordinary glasses, was even worse than ordinary glasses, such as some men wear myopia ink mirror the roadside fortune-teller, and some men wear myopia sunglasses like a international star. Why is this? Through the survey found that this is because as a fortune-teller, for ordinary myopia too accustomed to the mirror, so in choosing a myopia sunglasses styles, are affected by choose the habit of myopia glasses. So small make up to tell these's myopia glasses man, want to let own bi ascension, will need to consider your face. 1, oval face. Oval face on the face little men can be picky, if you are a standard oval face, even the other face of the enemy 'round glasses' can also be very good control, wear in the oval standard will murder eye on his face. On the choice of lenses, might as well choose transparent or gradient lens, can make facial outline more have administrative levels feeling. Men sunglasses sunglasses factory YC9015 gun color myopia sunglasses with prescription sunglasses 2 big box, square face. Asian people, the men square face, the face is usually the sense that gives a person sedate atmosphere, personality strong, need a bit of arc the sunglasses to balance other people's impressions of feeling, so square face to wear sunglasses, frame to coarse, can behave hao long lines, and if worn narrow edge and delicate sunglasses, when combined with a square face, can appear very small and disproportionate. Recommended reading: a small meat male god love five glasses man 3, round face. Round face man not appropriate to wear round glasses, round will make more bloated face. In myopia sunglasses should choose as far as possible to the shape of the square, and select frame sunglasses to embellish the butt. If you choose to frame line fine soft sunglasses, foil will face more big. Lens also should choose brunet, has a 'tightening' face visual effect. 4, long face shape man. Face long although very good pictures, but when picking myopia glasses, is best picture frame shape is special design for good, such as square, polygon and show design style, help to shift focus, face long will not affect delicate feeling. The Cleveland OO9272 men sunglasses 03 / grind arenaceous black/shallow silver piece last for myopia sunglasses for men sunglasses brands, Europe Cleveland, ray-ban, tyrannosaurus men is myopia sunglasses first. The three sunglasses brand design subject this is man, such as ray ban aviator sunglasses can reflect military capable, let men more soft breath, tyrannosaurus glasses tends to show men cool side, and the Cleveland sunglasses is more movement toward, all in all three sunglasses brand products are mostly bi.
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