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How to match astigmatism contact lenses? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-27
Many people may choose contact lenses without thinking that they can buy astigmatism contact lenses. In fact, this is a boon for astigmatism sufferers. There are also many different brands of astigmatism contact lenses, and the practicality is still good. However, many people do not know how to match such contact lenses. Today, I will briefly introduce how to match astigmatic contact lenses. One, go to an ophthalmologist for an examination Because your eyes may have myopia in addition to astigmatism, it is more important to correct vision in such a case. Therefore, it is recommended that you go to the ophthalmology department of the hospital for an examination. On the one hand, you should have optometry to determine your uncorrected vision and corrected vision, and on the other hand, you should also determine your eye condition and the degree of astigmatism. You can communicate with the doctor and inform the other party that we need to wear astigmatism contact lenses, and then the doctor will make adjustments. Pay special attention to the use of optometry equipment is not accurate, electronic optometry can only be used as a reference. Second, the situation of determining the degree of astigmatism If everyone's degree of astigmatism is relatively small, it is recommended to buy a large brand of astigmatism contact lenses for astigmatism correction, the effect is good. However, if your astigmatism is very large, it is difficult to completely correct it with contact lenses. At this time, it is recommended that you wear framed glasses. Ordinary contact lenses can also be selected for astigmatism within 300 degrees, which will not have a particularly large impact when worn. But in the case of relatively high astigmatism, you must do a good refraction before buying astigmatism contact lenses. Third, there are really too many channels to buy contact lenses through regular channels, but after all, what we need is astigmatism contact lenses, so if you want to ensure that the corrective effect of contact lenses at Peking University is relatively good, and the comfort is also Assure. You must pay special attention to which business sells genuine astigmatic contact lenses, and you can also order them through, so that you can ensure that you can buy suitable astigmatic contact lenses.
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