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How to match contact lenses for hyperopia? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-18
Maybe the contact lenses we come into contact with every day are myopia glasses, so as long as we can check our actual degree, we can directly get glasses. There are also many types of contact lenses, and it is not difficult to choose them. But if we want to choose a farsighted contact lens, I am afraid it is not so easy, so we must consider our own situation comprehensively. But is farsightedness suitable for contact lenses? First, you can also choose contact lenses for farsightedness. In fact, the performance of contact lenses now is very powerful. If you are farsighted, you can use contact lenses directly, so that it is more comfortable to wear daily. It is recommended that you should optometry first, and then determine which brand of contact lenses can be used with farsightedness, and then go for the choice of contact lenses. Be sure to determine your actual situation first, and then go to the purchase of contact lenses, so as to have a good use effect. Second, contact lenses for farsightedness need to be customized. Because the contact lenses we buy daily are flat and short-sighted, there are no farsighted contact lenses, so if you want to ensure that you have no problems with your glasses, you still need to customize them. Now the domestic hyperopia contact lenses can only be customized, you can also first optometry, and then through the purchase. There are some brands of original contact lenses that can be customized, so that the follow-up glasses can be completed, as long as the quality of the contact lenses can be guaranteed. Third, the price will be slightly higher. Long-sighted contact lenses need to ensure a convex lens, which is more difficult to match than myopic contact lenses. Because convex lenses generally directly compress the eyeball, they can only be customized for special purposes, otherwise ordinary contact lenses cannot be used. Therefore, most of the contact lenses in China are myopia lenses. If you want to customize the price of hyperopia lenses, the price may be slightly higher. You must not ignore your actual situation, and then go for glasses.
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