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How to match glasses with high myopia?_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-24
Because of the high degree of myopia, the glasses cannot be fitted casually. Especially for people with high myopia, not only need to achieve the purpose of correcting vision, but also need to ensure comfort and beauty. For the choice of high myopia glasses, you also need to learn to choose lenses and frames. Let's take a look at how to match high myopia glasses together. For people with high myopia, under-correction can be used to match glasses. Under-correction can reduce the thickness of the lens, but the degree of reduction is determined in accordance with the actual situation and is not unlimited. Spectacles with reduced power need to meet the needs of spectacles and satisfy patients. Spectacles on this basis are feasible. If people with high myopia are in some special circumstances, for example, if they are engaged in driving or the industry they are engaged in has specific requirements for vision, they also need to perform actual fitting on the glasses to grasp the bottom line of vision. For people with high myopia, it is necessary to consider whether some special people have other requirements for presbyopia and near vision in optometry. In addition, if the 'undercorrection' plan does not meet the high myopia group, and the reduction in lens thickness is not obvious, you need to change the plan. The choice of lens is generally to choose aspherical lens, aspherical surface can reduce the edge difference of the lens, and the field of vision is clearer. Choose a lens with a high refractive index within the range that the individual can bear. Under the same power, the higher the refractive index, the thinner the lens and the lighter the weight. Therefore, the choice of high refractive index lens frames for high myopia is to choose a small frame that suits the individual as much as possible. Myopia lenses are concave lenses with a thin center and thick edges. If the frame is larger, the edges of the lens will be thicker, and the weight of the lens will also be increased. Do not choose rimless frames for small frames selected by highly myopic groups, because rimless frames will show the thickness around the glasses lens, affecting the aesthetics, and also look very thick. You can choose a full-frame frame or a half-frame frame according to actual needs.
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