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How to match reading glasses? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-16
Presbyopia is a very common phenomenon, and it is also a physiological phenomenon. Presbyopia occurs because the ciliary muscle weakens and the ability to adjust is weakened. Presbyopia usually appears around the age of 40. Due to personal reasons, the time of presbyopia is not exactly the same, and the degree of glasses is also different. Let's learn how to match presbyopia. Optometry is important. Optometry is required before glasses are used to better confirm the degree. Only when the optometry is accurate can the appropriate reading glasses be better selected. Generally speaking, choose a regular optical shop with a good reputation and better optometry. The national chain adopts Hong Kong-style optometry, and the optometry is accurate and reliable. Friends in need can learn about it. In addition to confirming the degree of optometry, it is also necessary to measure the interpupillary distance and other matters in order to better match the appropriate glasses. Generally speaking, the degree of reading glasses has a certain relationship with the age of the individual. If the age increases by 5 years, the degree of reading glasses increases by 50 degrees. When it is about 70 years old, the degree will not increase. Reading glasses with a higher degree will not check 400 degrees. If it is myopia, the original degree of myopia minus the degree of presbyopia at normal age, which is the degree that actually needs to be corrected. For example, if there is 200 degrees of myopia, the age is 45 years old. Under normal circumstances, presbyopia The degree is 100 degrees. In fact, the myopia lens with the degree of 100 degrees can be used to see close objects clearly. If there is astigmatism, astigmatism also needs to be integrated in the lens. If it is farsighted, it is the degree of hyperopia plus the degree of presbyopia. After wearing reading glasses, it is appropriate to see clearly and naturally and to wear comfortably. When you wear reading glasses for the first time, you may not be used to it, but you can get used to it slowly. If it takes a very close distance to see things clearly, or the object is uncomfortable after zooming in, the degree is too high; if it is far away to see clearly, the degree is insufficient. These are not suitable, need to re-match with optometry. According to the actual needs of individuals to match lenses, some elderly people hope that a pair of glasses can see far, central, and near at the same time, and if these can meet the needs of life, they can consider progressive multifocal reading glasses. It is impossible to wear a pair of reading glasses all the time, and at a certain time, it will also need to be re-examined and re-matched. Because with the increase of age, the degree of presbyopia is also rising, and the diopter is changing. Therefore, when a pair of reading glasses is worn for a long time, it is found that it can no longer meet the needs, and it is necessary to perform optometry in time.
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