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How to match sunglasses color?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-30
Sunglasses color? In full bloom in the spring of active yellow, green, warm summer light blue and pink, grey, to symbolize the brown and orange, the autumn harvest, contrasting colors such as black and white of the quiet winter apply colours to a drawing gives, beautiful enshrouded revealed in different season different color. Fashion come and go, rapidly changing, love beautiful, of course, you want to follow the trend, do you think brave try all color, what do you know what that is suitable for you? Each people are born with color, and there is a set of only their own law of color. No matter what your color of skin dark and bright, yellow or black, as long as the choice of deserve to act the role of color, can show extraordinary charm. Sunglasses factory 9805 real polarized sunglasses match colors: yellow skin with pink, coffee, red, silver, white, shallow bright color to foil, such as in the large mirror legs can, carry bright color of whole. Avoid any kind of frame with yellow, in order to avoid the skin looks more yellow and black. Functional: similar color lenses can absorb the light purple, cyan, including nearly 100% of the ultraviolet and infrared light. Downy tonal, make the eye not easy fatigue, is also a very good protective glasses. Match colors: red skin to relieve skin red give priority to, can choose gray, light green, blue picture frame, etc, the color can make the skin looks more white and ruddy. Or wear glasses with a window decoration, better able to increase the brightness of the whole. Functional: grey sunglasses for the most part can be fully absorbed infrared and ultraviolet, green system can absorb all solitary 99% of infrared and ultraviolet ray, protect for glasses, too. Mild natural color to become quite popular lenses. Partial white skin colors match: it is not recommended with black frame, black frame will only look white more unhealthy, choose light glass frame, can appear calm, relaxed; Also can choose pink, blue frame, increase the youth breath; Also can choose coffee, wine red, pink, can appear more healthy. Pattern of its leg break the deadlock was all white, jumping, and exquisite. Partial wheat color skin colors collocation: it is recommended to use bright color picture frame, such as wine red, blue, etc. , will highlight a low-key charm. Functional: red lenses for some short wavelength light barrier property is better. Soft pink colour, and for some of the wearer, psychological benefits greater than the effect of in essence. Skin is black, it is suggested that chooses a dark sunglasses, give a person a kind of harmony. And too much contrast of white or light can strengthen the skin instead of black. 'Color' theory to solve the difficulties people dress up in colour. Learn to use suitable color, can not only perfect, natural show their unique taste and charm, but also because know deserve to act the role of the color relations between and save up time, at any time can easily control the colour, their scientific and confidently create beauty.
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