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How to match the face shape of sunglasses? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-16
The summer of 2020 can be called a hotter year, so sunglasses are indispensable in most people's eyes. Wearing them not only has the function of protecting the eyes, but also has the effect of modifying the face. Whether it is a round face, a pointed face, a square face, a long face or an oval face, you can use sunglasses to modify the overall outline, making you look more mysterious and noble. 1. What kind of glasses is suitable for round face? You can’t choose sunglasses with a round frame. You should choose a square and wide net width. A cat eyeglass frame that is not exaggerated is also suitable, or a lens slightly wider than the face frame is also acceptable. In short, for people with a round face, choosing sunglasses with a round frame will make the face more round and cat-eye contoured. 2. What glasses frame is suitable for square face? A square face feels tough and handsome. It is better to avoid over-square frames. You can choose a slightly rounded square frame to look more supple. For example, you can choose oval sunglasses. It will appear to be perfectly integrated when matched. 3. Long face The long face is more suitable for the net width of the ellipse, and the more exaggerated temple design can make the face softer visually. It can be matched with shorter necklaces and round clothing, which can make the long and narrow face look rounder and add beauty. However, for the pointed face, it has an enviable ultra-small slap face, so When choosing sunglasses, you should avoid oversize square glasses; for the oval face shape, it is a more popular face shape, suitable for all styling frames, but it is better to choose a frame that is slightly larger than the line of the face, which can make you stand out. One's own personality and charm.
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