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How to match the prescription lenses? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-30
Compared with 0-degree color lenses, in fact, most people with myopia will choose color lenses with a degree, so that the comfort of daily wearing is also good, and it can also show a more beautiful effect. In fact, there are many high-quality brands of color contact lenses. If we really want to choose the color lenses we need, we must do a good job of measuring the degree. The degrees of frame mirrors and beauty contact lenses are completely different, so how to match the degrees of beauty contact lenses? Conversion of basic degrees In fact, if your own degree of myopia is not very high, it is also possible to keep the same degree. But if your glasses are above 300 degrees, the degree needs to be reduced by 25 degrees when 300-500 degrees are matched with contact lenses. For example, if you are 475 degrees of myopia, then you need to choose 450 degrees of beauty contact lenses. The 500-700 degree myopia needs to be reduced by 50 degrees, and the 700-900 degree is reduced by 75 degrees. The conversion of the degree of myopia is actually the degree of the frame lens / (1-0.012* the degree of the frame glasses). You can also compare directly through the Internet, so that you can choose the beauty contact lens we need according to the degree of the frame lens. Especially for those with a high degree of myopia, you must pay special attention to your own myopia, and subtract the corresponding degree to choose the right contact lenses. What to do if you choose the wrong degree? The degree of beauty contact lenses must be reduced, so we must pay special attention to the basic situation of the degree. Because many people buy beauty contact lenses through the Internet, they have no idea whether the excessive number is correct, especially when the degree is not selected properly, there will indeed be wearing problems. Try to determine the degree first, and then go to buy the right contact lenses. If the degree you choose is really wrong, it is not recommended that you continue to wear it, otherwise your eyes will also be affected. Therefore, we must still pay special attention to the rationality of the degree, otherwise there may be dizziness and maliciousness, or even the situation where you can't see things clearly for a while.
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