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How to prevent eye presbyopia? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-16
Long-term use of a computer or reading can easily cause eye fatigue and presbyopia. Therefore, in daily life, the eyes should be better protected to prevent presbyopia in the eyes. Especially at the age of 40, presbyopia is prone to occur. Although this is a normal physiological phenomenon in humans, we should try our best to avoid it. Many elderly people have good living habits in their daily lives. Therefore, even when they are older, Have a pair of bright eyes. First, in our daily life, we should massage our eyes more. When our eyes are tired, we should stop and rest. During the rest, you can use your hands to massage your eyes. Use your index finger to massage. When you massage, you should knead from the inner eye to the outer corner of the eye, then from the outer corner of the eye to the inner eye, and the cycle operation will have a better effect. However, when performing a massage, the force should be moderate. Second, you should frequently turn your eyes. There is an advantage to turning your eyes. You can promote blood circulation in the eyes and exercise the eye muscles at the same time. Third, when reading, you should master the correct reading method. When reading, you should have a correct sitting posture, relax the muscles of your whole body, and keep the distance between your eyes and the book about 30 centimeters. When reading, do not lean forward too much, as it is easy to cause strain on the back muscles. Fourth, pay attention to exercise and have a reasonable diet. In daily life, you should do more body exercises to increase blood circulation throughout the body. Eat more foods with more vitamins, and you should eat more black sesame seeds, which can effectively slow down the aging of the eyes.
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